History of the Wild water park

Wild water park in Huningue: First opening at the 23 th of may 1993

10 November 1992 is a memorable date in the history of Huningue: for the first time, water flows into the artificial riverbed.

On 23 May 1993, the Wild water park is ceremoniously opened by Hélène Blanc, prefect of the Département of Haut-Rhin [Upper Rhine]
Etienne Martin, mayor of Huningue, and his municipal staff attend the closing of an exceptional construction site opened in May 1992.

Chantier Parc des eaux vives

First, at the beginning of spring, 50,000 m3 of material are moved in order to excavate the river, remodel the land, and realign the canal of Huningue. The heavy machinery of the Roger Martin company sculpture banks, slopes, and a road network: a true masterpiece.

After covering the riverbed with waterproof sheathing, stones are poured into it and percolated

Meanwhile, stationary obstacles and concrete slabs, on which removable obstacles are to be secured, have been cast. These innovative technical solutions are approved by the Compagnie Nationale du Rhône, the authorised builder and construction supervisor, after calculating and testing the hydraulics in a laboratory.Chantier Parc des eaux vives

Chantier Parc des eaux vivesSoon, various cladding tubes and wiring are laid for the lighting, the loudspeaker system, the computer applications, etc.

In October, seeds are planted to create a greenspace. In November, 230 trees and 17,000 shrubs and forest seedlings are planted.

By building the office and the sanitary facilities the park is completed.

Downstream, a climbing wall is built, and children's playgrounds, rest and picnic areas as well as bike paths gradually take shape.

As the canal and the riverbed are dredged, spawning grounds are created below the lock gate, where water plants are planted.

In April, two pedestrian bridges span both the canal and the river.
Approximately 400 metres of safety railings are erected in the most sensitive places to ensure strollers' safety.
The finishing touches are added in May: lanterns, river accessories, playing structures, etc.

Chantier Parc des eaux vives

Chantier Parc des eaux vives