And if Vauban had been a gardener

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Clou de jalonnement circuit Vauban


From garden to garden, these marker studs show us the way to go, with the Place Abbatucci as a start and finish point.

Demi-lune garden

Life in movement

From taking one enemy city to another and from border to border building dissuasive fortifications, I must have travelled nearly 180,000 km in fifty years. A busy life. Completely different from my life today in my role as official gardener of Huningue! And with no regrets as these travels educated and enriched me, allowing me to meet many people from all walks of life, and it expanded my mind in many aspects. People call me a humanist. That’s a little exaggerated. I quite simply just like people!

In a certain way, I’m still in movement despite myself within this garden which is always changing… each day I marvel at these little nothings which weren’t here yesterday and which, in certain places, incite me to leave nature alone so that it can surprise me a little more tomorrow. And so my life continues to the rhythm of a garden in movement.

Vauban jardinier : illustration Jardin de la Demi-Lune

Le Jardin de la Demi-Lune est un projet en cours
. Cet aménagement paysager mettra en valeur le vestige de l’une des demi-lunes du rempart de la place forte.


Vauban the strategist

With his participation in 48 sieges in enemy cities, Vauban designed an unstoppable attack system and learned from this experience to build (30) or repair (130) impregnable strongholds.

Vauban, taker of cities

From fine strategy to the attack, he developed zigzagged trenches avoiding enfilade fire, and combined this with concentric parallels to inexorably get close to the besieged. In well-protected places there were cannons which covered the advancing soldiers and weakened the rampart through repeated impacts.

Vauban the fortifier

Intransigent in defence, he improved the concept of buried ramparts, buffer zones and bastions making all positions defend each other, having the crossfire eliminate any blind spots where the enemy could hide. He continued multiplying his ingenious ideas to make it even harder for assailants to succeed in their missions.

A taker of cities or a fortifier, Vauban developed his strategies with an unfailing determination to save the lives of the King’s soldiers.

Remains of a demi-lune

In the footsteps of this demi-lune, within its partly-filled ditch, don’t think the assailants have won the battle as at the foot of the rampart under the crossfire of the stronghold defenders, their life is in the crosshairs.

Vestige d'une demi-lune


A tamed wasteland

Logo Biodiversité faisons-lui une fleurInspired by the landscaper Gilles Clément and his Garden in Movement, the Demi-Lune Garden shook up the traditional view of a garden and the usual idea that gardeners always control everything.

Therefore, based on a wasteland model, this is a living area where the “settlers” are free to establish themselves where they want.

The gardener first learns to understand all interactions between the plant or animal species and man before influencing the shadows and the light or mediating between the existing plants.

The idea is to maintain and increase biological diversity as well as the biological quality of substrates, by intervening with the least possible means. In other words, work as much as possible alongside nature and not against it. Having decided where they want to grow or live, these species are thus the kings and queens!

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