And if Vauban had been a gardener

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Clou de jalonnement circuit Vauban


From garden to garden, these marker studs show us the way to go, with the Place Abbatucci as a start and finish point.

Grazing garden

You have my word on it!

I have always sought to facilitate the living conditions of soldiers and the poor, which has piqued my curiosity in many different fields. Don’t repeat it but I even became interested in the pork-business and actually calculated that the offspring of just one sow would be enough, after twelve generations, to feed the whole of Europe! I thought that developing pig-breeding would have been a good way of improving the life of local farmers who were overburdened with taxes, debt as well as being undernourished.

It wouldn’t take much for me to be considered as the inventor of intensive farming but today I am in favour of small-scale farming, shorter supply chains and enjoy eating a good plate of lentils to get my proteins!

Vauban jardinier : illustration Jardin des Pâtures

Le Jardin des Pâtures est un projet en cours
. Prévu en 2018, cet aménagement paysager sera suivi de la restauration du vestige de l’une des demi-lunes du rempart de la place forte.


Remains of a demi-lune

The demi-lune (or ravelin) is a fortification structure thus called as initially it was more rounded. Along with the tenaille located behind, it creates elements traditionally called the outworks. Detached from the stronghold itself, like a sort of island in the ditch, it alternates with the bastions lying above them to cross its fire with that of the bastion. As it is isolated and non-protected on its back, “winning” the ravelin was in no manner considered a decisive advantage for the attackers being that they had difficulties maintaining and placing their artillery.

Vestige d'une demi-lune


Logo Ma ville je la préfère natureNuances of green

Here a meadow is flowering rather than a lawn and, there wild grass grows in the gutter… this deliberate environmental approach regarding management of green areas and roadways often gives the city a little country look, which greatly benefits the biodiversity and better quality of life.

Goats and sheep

And even more so in the Jardin des Pâtures (grazing garden) where goats and sheep perfectly replace any mechanical or chemical solution when it comes to cutting the grass!


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