And if Vauban had been a gardener

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Clou de jalonnement circuit Vauban


From garden to garden, these marker studs show us the way to go, with the Place Abbatucci as a start and finish point.

Museum garden

This garden is both mine and Le Nôtre’s

We were both in good grace with the King! The King liked dear old André Le Nôtre for being a draughtsman of his parks and gardens, notably in Versailles. And I was liked for being the great defender of the kingdom’s borders upon which I built, or redid, many strongholds. What a shame that we never had the opportunity of working together since we were both very focused on detail and had the same interest in geometrical shapes!

This museum garden could have easily been the fruit of our joint efforts with the symmetrical flower beds, angular alleys and plant ornamentation, all inspired from French formal gardens. From the main alley or the porch, or even from one of the alcoves which I imagined for my siesta, this little haven of tranquillity in the heart of the city unveils some lovely perspectives. Great for the troop morale, right ?

Vauban jardinier : illustration Jardin du Musée


Everyday life

At the end of the 17th century, the Huningue stronghold had three thousand inhabitants. It was based around several trades necessary for its activity, as well as having well-established social classes. Butcher, tailor, shoe-maker, wig-maker, upholsterer-embroiderer…. The daily life of master-craftsmen had certainly nothing in common with notaries or surgeons but it was enviable all the same. Just like that of innkeepers who earned money from soldiers drinking away their pay to relieve their boredom when they weren’t crossing the border to teach how to handle arms or music. The oldest Basel fife-playing association is actually of Huningue origin!

While the garrison kept the city alive, workers survived doing the most tiresome chores for master-craftsmen such as shop-keepers, masons, gardeners …

Historical and military museum

Enseigne musée historique et miltaire de HuningueLocated in the former home of the garrison quartermaster and war officer, the museum boasts, among other things, a beautiful collection of models, plans, engravings, portraits, letters patent, all retracing the three-century old history of one of the masterpieces of Vauban, its three sieges and its brave defenders.

Open on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month from 2:30pm – 5:30pm.
Closed on bank holidays and in August.
Group visits with French or German-speaking tour guide. Reservations mandatory.

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