And if Vauban had been a gardener

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Clou de jalonnement circuit Vauban


From garden to garden, these marker studs show us the way to go, with the Place Abbatucci as a start and finish point.

Spawning grounds in the Parc des eaux vives

Huningue – a water city

There was only water around Huningue during the fortification period. Clear water, running from Hégenheim along wooden channels or otherwise drawn out from the groundwater, an endless supply in the event of a siege. And of course river water which flowed up to the surrounding marsh area. Prone to fog, this water was a source of permanent humidity with an unhealthy atmosphere within the ramparts where air had problems circulating. It even caused respiratory problems and fever.

Vauban jardinier : illustration Frayères du Parc des eaux vives

Today water is just as present in Huningue but in a more healthful and vigorous environment…up to these pretty little spawning areas in the Parc des eaux vives which reminds me the marshes way back when !


A blue-green infrastructure

Trame verte et bleue sur le Parc des eaux vivesHuningue is very involved in promoting biodiversity by implementing a blue-green infrastructure, essential to the preservation, restoration or creation of ecological continuity.

The spawning ground within the Parc des eaux vives meets these objectives by using sediment banks which boost fish spawning – or nesting – by allowing fish to lay their eggs on the covering substrates or vegetation. These banks also help promote habitat diversification and create a transition area between the riverbank and the water, much appreciated by birds, insects and amphibians. Their reeds and other water-plants allow the matter to be filtered and settle as well as assimilating nitrates and phosphorus.

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