White water safety

Sécurité sur le Parc des eaux vives de Huningue

White water requirements

  • Ability to swim and dive for at least 25 meters
  • Participants must have no contra-indication
  • Participants must be adequately insured
  • Minimum age: 9 years (except rental: 12 years)
  • Participants aged under 15 must be accompanied by adult. If under 18, a parental consent form must be submitted (form available on request)
  • Do not be under influence of  alcohol or narcotics.

Dessalage - Parc eaux vives Huningue

What you must know before embarking

  • On the river, priority to the upstream paddler.
  • For more pleasure and safety, we recommend you to discover the activity by opting for one supervised lesson.
  • Generally speaking, do not prejudge your strengths: the first knocks of paddles are always made in quiet water or downstream to the river.

Swimming is  forbidden on the entire Park 


  • ER: 15
  • Police : 17
  • Firemen: 18
  • GSM Europe : 112

River's emergency closure : information at the Timonerie

Huningue - Eau vive made in Elsass